Low libido (Decreased Sex Drive) Causes and Natural Treatment

What Is Low Libido?

Low libido means losing interest in sexual activity. It's normal to lose interest in sex and libido levels vary through life and do not match your partners on time. Low libido happens to a lot of men but no one wants to talk about it. After all, virility plays a vital role in the case of manhood. There is a saying that real men are always in the mood but that's not the truth. Many men who have low sex drive due to many reasons.

If low libido is affecting your relationship then it is a matter of concern and you need to take extra care rather than blame each other. Instead as a couple, you would be well served to get the solution neither to assign it as his or her problem and both the partners need to actively participate to reach to the final solution.

However, this requires open and honest communication about both the physical and emotional state of low libido and doing so will allow you to figure out which treatment you need to take to treat the condition. This may include urologists, sex therapists, chronic disease specialists, and other natural treatments that can resolve your problem.

Low libido is not like that it will go in a day but you have to keep patience and you need to trust the natural treatment or whatever treatment you are following to boost your libido. It will take time but will give permanent results.

Low libido Causes and Natural Treatment

Low Testosterone level

Testosterone is an important male sex hormone and it is produced in the testicles. In men testosterone plays a big role in producing male reproductive tissues such as prostate and testes, also promotes sexual characteristics such as improved muscle and bone mass.

A drop in testosterone level may vary and adults are considered to have low testosterone when their level falls below 300ng/dl. When there is a drop in your testosterone level your sexual desire will automatically reduce and a decrease in testosterone level will cause erectile dysfunction.

Drop down in testosterone level is a sign of aging but a drastic drop can lead to decreased libido. If you think that this is a big issue then you can take gels and supplements that can increase your testosterone level.

Certain Medications

Taking a lot of medications can drop testosterone level which in turn leads to low libido. Like blood pressure medication that can improve the cause of erectile dysfunction and ejaculation.

Other medications that lower the level of testosterone are:

  • Radiation treatment for cancer.
  • Medicine to treat prostate cancer.
  • Pain killers.
  • Antidepressant pills.
  • A synthetic drug called Anabolic steroids are used by athletes to increase muscle mass.
  • Antifungal medicine like Ketoconazole.
If you are experiencing the problem of low testosterone level then take precautions and hit over to the natural remedy like Jaguar Power that will improve your testosterone level.


Depression is a major concern that changes a person's life and it may cause reduce in sex drive that makes the situation worse. While depression can be treated by Psychotherapy. During depression taking antidepressant pills can improve the loss of libido. Switching medicine or reducing the dosage may help but the side effects will not delay.

If you are depressed then it is important to discuss your libido with the specialist how medications impact your sex derive.

Your Lifestyle behaviour

Certain lifestyle factors contribute to low libido in men and these can be remedied by changing your lifestyle behaviour.

Smoking: Smoking not only increases the chance of erectile dysfunction but also reduce sexual arousal.

Alcohol: When used in excess amount, redirects enzymes and its synthesis testosterone from the testes to the liver and this leads to reduce testosterone level.

Obesity: Obesity reduces metabolism and hormone function, resulting in a significant decrease in the level of testosterone.

Stress and Sleep Apnea

Stress can reduce sexual interest by driving you to distraction and its effect in the sexual drive. However, stress increases the production of Cortisol hormone that acts as a built-in body alarm. This hormone causes the constriction of blood vessels that lead to erectile dysfunction and also drop the testosterone level.

In studies, it has found that who has sleep apnea has a reduced level of testosterone.

Low libido can treat with Jaguar Power

However, there are many medicines and ways to treat low libido that can improve your sexual desire and the important thing is that you have to pick the right one and choosing the right product will change your sexual life and Jaguar Power Gel is the one that can boost your libido naturally. Jaguar Power is the natural gel that has the potentiality to improve libido without any side effects.

The gel will penetrate deep into the penis vessels that stretch the cavernous walls of the penis and in turn, help to increase the erection quality. Jaguar Power will not only improve low libido but also increase the production of testosterone level that leads to improving sexual desire in men.
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