How to cure erectile dysfunction at home

Erectile Dysfunction (ED), can be really difficult to live with. it has become a common problem faced by men irrespective of their age.

If you are facing from ED, you might face symptoms like reduces sexual drive, inability to get and sustain an erection during intercourse. There may be a number of reasons for this smoking, drugs, pornography addiction, stress, heart disease and many more. But the good thing about Erectile Dysfunction is it can be managed and cured naturally.
Cure Erectile Dysfunction at Home
Cure Erectile Dysfunction at Home
Cure Erectile Dysfunction at home with natural and herbal products without any side effects.
However, a doctor may suggest ED medications and Surgery for some patients but 97% of the patients can be cured with natural remedies at home. in this article, we are going to brief you about what you need to do to solve your ED problem naturally without any surgery or medications.

1. Exercise

"Erectile Dysfunction is mainly caused by abnormal blood flood to the penis, hence no doubt exercise is the Erectile Dysfunction treatment that can have the greatest impact, 20 minutes of daily exercise along with daily application of Titan Gel it has worked best for most of my patients " says Dr.Timur Viffin a urologist in Abu Dhabi, UAE (United Arab Emirates).

Exercise is the first lifestyle change required to combat ED. 20 minutes of high-intensity cardio like jogging or 60 minutes of light cardio like walking can naturally improve blood circulation to the penis with optimum blood pressure hence improving your ED situation.

2. Healthy Diet

The foods that you consume can help you fight erectile dysfunction, Dr.Timur says. A diet rich in fruit, white meat, veggies, whole grains, fish, and avoiding red meat and refined grains will help reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction.

Healthy food habit is very important as men who have a 42-inch waist are 50 percent more likely to have ED than men with a 32-inch waist as per research.

3. Sleep by applying Titan Gel

Poor sleep patterns affect the body adversely when it comes to ED. This is because during sleep the blood circulation also changes drastically. Applying Titan Gel before going to sleep will naturally improve the blood circulation pattern and help improve the blood flow in the penis throughout the night which in turn acts as a long-term natural cure for ED

Titan Gel is a natural ED treating gel which improves the blood circulation of the penis. it is made up of natural extracts and hence acts as a very effective home remedy.

4. Limit Smoking and Alcohol

It is very important to refrain or limit smoking and alcohol consumption to help fight ED. It's not a surprise, since smoking and excess alcohol consumption can damage your blood vessels, and abnormal arterial blood supply to the penis caused ED. Fortunately, if you quit smoking and alcohol, your vascular and sexual health and performance are likely to improve.

5. Titan Gel + Exercise + Sleep + Diet = Best Home Remedy

However, every point mentioned above helps in curing ED, if all the points are used together it gives the best results. TESD Method (Titan Gel + Exercise + Sleep + Diet) is the method recommended to be followed for 60 days straight is recommended to get the best results for your home remedy efforts. Smoking and Alcohol is better avoided as it interferes with the effects of Titan Gel.

Thus following a healthy lifestyle with dedicated mindset should help cure Erectile Dysfunction without any surgeries and medication side effects.
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