Reduce sexual anxiety and improve your sex life

Sex is always meant to be enjoyable for both men and women. But sometimes anxiety can make you constantly worry about your sexual performance. So that you won't be able to enjoy or perform better sex. Reducing your sexual anxiety can boost your sex life. There are some tips and tricks to reduce your sexual anxiety. Sexual anxiety can also give way to mental problems and will reduce your overall confidence. Anxiety can lead to issues like premature ejaculation and erection problems.

Reasons for sexual anxiety

Sex is not just a physical function. Sex is a combination of both body and mind. Your emotions also play a vital role while having sex and if you are stressed you won't be able to perform that well, There are different kinds of thought and cause that makes you less effective:

  • The most common fear that most men suffer is the fear of satisfying their partner due to their small penis size.
  • Excess weight is also a reason for the increase in anxiety.
  • If your relationship is not good then it will make you feel insecure.
  • The size of the penis matters.
  • Premature ejaculation and orgasms also disturb our minds.
  • Anxiety will reduce the enjoyment of your sexual adventure.
These stressful factors may lead to the release of stress hormones norepinephrine.

How to find out if I have anxiety or not?

Finding your anxiety depends on the state of mind, which can have a huge impact on your ability to have a better erection. Even if you are with your loved one who is sexually attractive. You won't be able to perform well if you are worried about your own sexual performance, you won't be able to satisfy your partner.

One of the major aspects of stress is that it reduces the size of the blood vessels. When blood flow is reduced it reduces the erection eventually, it becomes more difficult to have an erection. Even people who don't have anxiety suffer from these problems but the ones with anxiety suffer from these sexual problems more than normal people.

Sexual anxiety performance is found more in men than women as it cannot affect arousal women but can prevent natural lubrication which makes sex unpleasurable. And it reduces the physical desire towards sex, due to less lubrication it causes pain during intercourse.

Anxiety can reduce the healthy mindset of both genders. If you are focused on sex during intercourse then it will increase your performance, Concentration is very important for men during intercourse. When anxiety affects you during sex men won't be able to perform better.

Overcome Sexual Anxiety naturally

If you have issues relating to sexual anxiety, you could consult a doctor with whom you are comfortable to share and discuss your personal sex problems. The doctor will examine you physically and help you find your problem by conducting a few tests on your body. After examination, the doctor will give you medication.

During a doctor examination, the doctor will ask you about your previous sexual problems that you suffered already to get an overall idea about your anxiety problem. You can also tell the doctor about your thoughts on sex and how you feel during intimate sessions. The doctor will suggest therapies and medications. These medications can help you deal with your sexual problems and to overcome anxiety, there are few steps to follow to solve sexual anxiety.

  • Have an open conversation with the therapist.

First, you have to get an appointment with your doctor or therapist. The main function of therapy is to help you find your problem and to solve the issue from the roots. You can follow other techniques like penis exercise to gain total control over your penile erection.

  • Talk with your partner.

Talking about your problem with your partner can help you reduce your anxiety. With better conversation it could help you both to come to a solution together, This will also improve your relationship and thus help you to connect with your partner more effectively.

  • Get intimate without sex.

There are many ways to be intimate without sexual intercourse. Kiss, hug and massage your partner in a very delicate manner, you can also take a warm bath together. Take turns and help each other enjoy their sex through masturbation and foreplay so that the worries about your sexual performance can be kept aside. Exercise can also be the best mood booster for both men and women and help them feel more secure and safe.

  • Make yourself busy.

Turn on some romantic music or a romantic movie while you are having sex to distract your mind from anxious thoughts. Thinking about the things that turn you on more than anything can help. Reducing the thoughts about sexual performance can really help you perform better.

Finally, don't pressurise yourself because of your anxiety, it can be cured with proper medications and therapy so there is nothing to worry about your sexual activity. Now forget about anxiety and enjoy sex like everyone by following the above-mentioned tips.


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