Miracle Herbal Medicine for Increasing Sexuality Long Time

Men and women after their late 30's lose their sex drive and it is not a good sign, sex is very important for your health and it also promotes your bond and your relationship. There are some natural herbs that are used as medicines and can increase your sex drive without causing any side effects. Spicing up our sex life is very important because in this modern era only one partner is having pleasure and the other doesn't due to lesser performance and these natural supplements can help you solve the problem and have you ever felt like you have lost your sexual carving?

Losing the libido is the main reason that can cause trouble to your happy married life and can also wreck your intimate life and can also affect your close relationship. It will also affect you both mentally and emotionally. Don't worry it can be cured because even from youngsters everyone is facing such troubles, women are affected more compared to men due to this increased sexual stress. Stress is connected to lower levels of female sexual arousal and it can reduce want for sex.

We think that sexual arousal is reduced only due to stress, no there are other factors such as psychological and hormonal factors which can reduce sexual arousal levels seen in women and it mostly affects women who are suffering from very high chronic stress. And at the same time nature has provided us with herbal gifts to improve sex life. These medicines can increase sexual frequency for a long time sexually.

Let us look into some of the natural ingredients that can solve your sex problems


Shilajit is one of the world-famous natural ingredients which can really help you have long sex sessions and shilajit also increases the level of testosterone for the male. And this herb is also known for improving the quality of sperms and stamina. This can cure your simple sex problems easily.


Shatavari is also called as queen of herbs as it can awaken the libido of both men and women from their hibernation and this is also known to improve sex drive. And it also gives you the energy to spice things up to the next level and this herb can improve female fertility and improve the chances of pregnancy. According to scientific research, Shatavari can nurture women's eggs to make childbearing easy and problem-free. It can also cure impotency.


Ashwagandha is for males who have problems like erectile dysfunction and it can also arise female sex wants, if you can take ashwagandha for 8 weeks continuously then it can boost your sex drive up to an extent and remember the sexual fulfilment of your women as she can attain additional boost by taking some ashwagandha. Just ask doctors for a recommended dose for you before consuming ashwagandha.

Precious home remedies and tricks to improve sex


It is very important for women than men and foreplay include kissing, oral, touching, and massaging and it is proven to promote sexual satisfaction and it is found that only 20% of women can have an orgasm with only having intercourse and 40% of women can have an orgasm during intercourse if they have done foreplay and the reason is woman orgasm is more intense and requires time if you want to satisfy your partner sexually follow foreplay procedure.

Manage stress

Stress and Anxiety can also reduce an erection. Feelings are connected to sexual intimacy and stress can reduce the excitement about engaging in sexual activities, to manage stress follow the below-mentioned steps

  • Start doing exercise.
  • Sleep for a minimum of 9 hours.
  • Improve your relationship status.
  • Meditate daily.
  • Start a new hobby.
  • Attend Mental counselling.

Consult doctor

Erectile dysfunction is a sign or warning about underlying health issues. It is very important to take proper care of your body by eating healthy food and remaining active can help you manage stress. Taking proper medications for diabetes and heart is also important and herbal medications can save you from having any further problems and if the problems keep on increasing consult a doctor.

We all know in the modern society nearly everyone has sex problems and for that, there are many medications but each medication has some side effects and at the same time, these herbal and natural supplements and other methods can help you achieve your personnel sexual satisfaction without having any side effects, and these herbal medicines are available everywhere and it doesn't require any special method to eat these herbs but for better results, it is recommended to consult a doctor to find the dose that is needed for both male and female partners so that the partners can have the best bedtime of their life.


What herbs make you last longer in bed?
Herbs such as saffron and shilajit can make you last longer in bed.
What is the Ayurvedic medicine for Last Longer in Bed?
The best Ayurvedic medicine to last longer in bed is Ashwagandha.
Can these natural ingredients help people above 50?
Yes, it can help even old age people and it is natural hence no worries about side effects.
Does these natural supplements be consumed during pregnancy?
Yes, it can be but for safety, reasons consult the doctor before taking these supplements during pregnancy.
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