Egyptian Magic a multitasking skin cream: get a parlor like glow at home

A natural formula Egyptian Magic is an all-purpose skin cream with a six combination of 100% natural ingredients that have the highest moisturizing properties. The Egyptian Magic Cream is the best suited for those who are more concerned about their skin and hair.

With its luxurious melting texture and deep moisturizing and hydrating properties, the Egyptian Magic has been a favorite for celebrities, makeup artists, fashion industry, and doctors too. It became the award-winning cream since it came on the market in 1991 by giving a nourish and moisturized skin.

Providing ever-lasting results from frizz and conditioning damaged hair to pampering chapped lips and buttery soft dry hands, heels, knees, and elbows, the highly-desirous and top-rated hydrating and moisturizing cream is a quick-fix skincare product that should be always in everyone's skincare kit. Providing quick relief to breakouts caused by dry skin is an amazing way to make skin supple. The uniqueness of six natural ingredients present in the cream is an absolute combination to soothe damaged and unhealthy skin.

With its unique combination of nature's most effective ingredients of Olive Oil, Honey, Beeswax, Royal Jelly, Bee Pollen, Bee propolis, and Divine love will always give your skin a magical glow. It does not contain any additives preservatives, fragrance, no chemicals, and parabens and never tested on animals.
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Egyptian Magic Best Uses

Since Egyptian Magic arrived in the market in 1991, the customers became surprised by the result and multi uses of Egyptian Magic Cream UAE. This 100% natural all-purpose skin cream has been used as a face moisturizer, under-eye cream, treat scars, as a baby cream, like shaving gel, and many more. It also magically cures skin irritation, and redness, treat burn and heal wounds.

As it claims that Egyptian Magic Cream in UAE is a multipurpose cream so, yes it does it work magically by providing healthy and hydrating skin.

  • Take the required amount of the cream. A small amount will last for 8 hours.
  • Rub the cream in your palm to warm it up.
  • Apply gently on the skin with a circular massage.

How Can You Use Egyptian Magic Differently?

  • As a Soothing Moisturizer
At first, people used Egyptian Magic Cream in Dubai to solve skin problems such as irritation, burn or scars and then continue using it as a face moisturizer, and as an anti-aging cream. By using the beautyst Egyptian Magic twice a day it will give amazingly soft and soothing skin.

  • As a Lip Balm
By using it as a Lip Balm it gives a new life to your chapped lips as it has the goodness of natural ingredients.

  • As an After-Sun Lotion
Egyptian Magic Cream is used by our loyal customers as an after-sun lotion. All of your summer activities will be cured by its amazing combination as it naturally soothes your sunburn skin.

  • As a Hair Conditioner
For most of the customers, Egyptian Magic shows its benefit as a moisturizing hair conditioner regularly or as a spa treatment. The all-purpose Egyptian Magic Cream natural ingredients will restore luster to your hair, balances its natural oil, maintain frizziness, and remove split-ends.

  • Can Be Use After Shave Cream
If you have sensitive skin you might get scars or irritation after a shave. You can use Egyptian Magic Cream as an after-shave cream to soothe your skin.

  • As a Vaginal Moisturizer and Lubricants
According to the research by the gynecologists, Egyptian Magic has been found as a wonderful vaginal moisturizer and lubricant.

  • As an Under Eye Cream
To remove puffiness and dark circles from your eyes you can use Egyptian Magic as an under-eye cream by dabbing a small amount around your eyes.

  • As a Massage Balm
Egyptian Magic has a melting texture so it is perfect for massage. Warm up the cream into your palms until it turns into an oil and massage on the skin, it will improve blood circulation, give relaxation, and will nourish your skin.

  • As a Makeup Primer
Being a favorite of celebrities, makeup artists, and stylists, Egyptian Magic Cream Dubai is used as a primer to your skin and prepare it for makeup. Makeup artists depend on it to get a dewy and glowing look. You can use Egyptian Magic for highlighting by mixing a liquid illuminator.

  • As a Hydrating Mask
If your skin is looking dull, dry, or unhealthy use Egyptian Magic as a face mask and let your skin absorb the goodness of natural ingredients. Apply a thick layer of this magical cream and keep it for 30 minutes and remove it with a warm cloth. Your skin will become soft, supple, and healthy.

  • Can be Using During and After Pregnancy
Egyptian Magic can be used during pregnancy to remove stretch marks and will keep skin nourished and moisturized.

  • To Cure Cracked Heels and Elbows
Egyptian Magic Cream will beautifully treat cracked heels and elbows. Before going to bed use this magical cream into your heels and wrap your heels with a soft cloth. On the next morning, you will get soft and restored feet.

Egyptian Magic Cream Review

According to the claims of Egyptian Magic as it will naturally solve all your skin problems, many celebrities have said that Egyptian Magic gives a magical touch to their skin by keeping it soft and supple all day. You can check out Egyptian Cream Reviews by our loyal customers who have been benefited from it by continuing it in their skincare routine. This is a must-have magical cream that will never leave you for regret and will give a soothing and softening touch to your skin. One Cream with multitasking properties.
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