How Many IU of Vitamin D Should I Take To Increase Testosterone – The Proper Dose Of IU of Vitamin D To Raise T-level

The lack of Vitamin D is referred to as an essential problem for health. However, Vitamin D has a very essential function in health. Studies suggest that lack of Vitamin D can lead to heart issues, will drop resistance of insulin, can lead to cancer due to which the mortality rate is rising.

In studies, it has been known that Vitamin D is also related to low testosterone because due to lack of Vitamin D the heart issues are rising rapidly which suddenly drops to testosterone level. Vitamin D is also related to the formulation of male reproductive hormones that save men from being infertile.

The lack of Vitamin D in men can cause a decrease in muscle mass and badly affect men's fertility which leads to the reduction in testosterone.

We are easily getting Vitamin D from direct sunlight, from some foods, and Vitamin D products. While the reduction of Vitamin D in men can badly ruin testosterone production. But with the highest decrease of Vitamin D in the male body should take Vitamin D products to raise testosterone and also to normalize fertility.

Testosterone is a boon to men for fertility

Testosterone is formulated in the male luteinizing and pituitary hormone that is fabricated in the testicles. Whereas the pituitary hormone is responsible for the stimulation of sex hormones and the drop in the concentration of pituitary hormone stimulate luteinizing hormone which is mainly responsible for the stimulation of testosterone in men.

The presence of one testicle in the male body simultaneously needs higher stimulation of luteinizing hormone to balance out testosterone formulation. While lower stimulation of testosterone can lead to a drop in energy, muscle mass, and dwindle sex interest. While a drop in testosterone affects men's fertility, so testosterone is essential for men's fertility and libido.

Lack of Vitamin D affect testosterone – Take Vitamin D and raise T-level

Studies found that men with a low amount of Vitamin D lower the stimulation of luteinizing hormone which automatically affects the production of testosterone, men lose sexual interest, and also lower libido. It has been also considered that lower Vitamin D concentration in the male body affects the heart that automatically lowers T-level production and men become infertile.

So, it is suggested that men who have a higher reduction of Vitamin D should take Vitamin D products or they can take 600IU of Vitamin D to raise the concentration of testosterone. As the improvement in the production of testosterone can enhance sexual mood and interest, a good concentration of testosterone will stimulate a higher erection and will reduce infertility.

If your body genuinely needs Vitamin D then take 600IU of Vitamin D to balance testosterone stimulation. A balanced amount of Vitamin D will slow the risk of heart disease. If you are not okay with Vitamin D products or pills then you can take the direct sunlight which provides a good amount of Vitamin D, or you can take Vitamin D-based foods.

If with the normal exposure of sunlight and Vitamin D-based foods your body isn't able to balance out testosterone production then take the normal dose of 600IU of Vitamin D that will perfectly raise testosterone production and will maintain a higher erection.

Do Vitamin D products work for testosterone stimulation?

Before suggesting any ideas to raise testosterone we want you to tell you that always discuss with the specialist if you are thinking of taking Vitamin D products to raise testosterone stimulation. Vitamin D is not bad for health, Vitamin D is essential but we should take it in a normal amount.

We also found that 600IU of Vitamin D can raise testosterone production but why take Vitamin D products if you can naturally stimulate testosterone. It is not at all bad to take Vitamin D products but before consuming it is essential to do good research about the product or it would be best if we will directly ask the specialist.

Wanna raise testosterone at home? Then walk a while, continuous sitting can also affect testosterone level, so always walk for 15-30minutes because walking will balance testosterone. While exercise also plays a key role in stimulating testosterone as regular exercise will stimulate blood flow to the whole body that normalizes body functions and aids to balance out testosterone levels.

If you are a little insecure with Vitamins D products then exercise can save your day by stimulating testosterone. With exercise take good sleep and free yourself from extra stress. You can notice while a person is under stress their testosterone level is going down because stress stimulates cortisol hormone secretion that badly affects testosterone stimulation and affects sexual function. So, reduce stress and take good sleep if you want to raise your T-level without any exertion.


What amount of Vitamin D should be needed to raise testosterone?
Vitamin D is essential for normal as well as sexual health. So, take 600IU of Vitamin D to raise testosterone.
How much time Vitamin D will take to stimulate testosterone?
To completely raise testosterone Vitamin D will take 2-3months, and will also encourage muscle mass and fertility.
How much Vitamin D3 a man can intake per day?
A man can intake 600IU of Vitamin D per day.
Is Vitamin D3 of 5000IU more?
Yes, it is higher, 600IU of Vitamin D3 is enough to raise testosterone.
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