Low Testosterone Symptoms in Men – 9 Signs of Low-T level and Safe Treatments

Testosterone is the essential sex hormone responsible for male improvement and sexual function. This sex hormone is also responsible for muscle and bone development, sperm motility, and sexual desire.

Testosterone also helps distribute bone density and RBC (red blood cell) production. In males, Testosterone slowly declines after 30. However, testosterone declination is the normal process of aging.

The normal ranges of testosterone levels in men

The low testosterone level is 300ng/dl, and the normal is approx. 1000-1200ng/dl. While low Testosterone is mined usually due to aging. However, according to the FDA, low Testosterone can be diagnosed by a blood test called a serum testosterone test.

The primary symptoms of low Testosterone over 40

If testosterone levels suddenly decrease, men can experience these significant symptoms.

Low sex desire: Testosterone plays an essential function in libido. Men may experience decreased sexual drive due to aging.

A problem in erection: Even though Testosterone helps maintain an erection, Testosterone is directly responsible for an erection, but it stimulates brain functions to activate nitric oxide production, which triggers an erection. So, when testosterone levels are below average, then men can experience maintaining an erection.

Reduced semen volume: Testosterone helps produce semen volume, which helps in sperm motility. While men with decreased testosteTestosteroneerience low semen volume during intercourse.

It decreased in sexual stamina: Men with low Testosterone will feel less energetic towards sex.

Reduced muscle mass: While Testosterone helps build muscle mass during puberty, men with reduced testosteTestosteroneerience decrease muscle mass.

Reduced bone mass: Reduced bone mass is usually associated with women, but men with decreased T-levels can experience reduced bone mass, especially older men who feel more.

Mood swings:

  • If men have low T, they can have mood swings because of Testosterone.
  • Many physical changes occur in the male body.
  • Mood swings are one of them.
Reduction in the size of testicles: Low-T level can affect testicles' size because the body needs Testosterone to develop the penis and testicles.

Doctors have diagnosed a high risk of anemia due to low testosterone levels. At the same time, the risk of anemia can cause dizziness, sleeping issues, and increased heart rate.

The causes of men's low T

Here are some of the common conditions that can lead to a reduction in testosterone levels in men:

  • Diabetes.
  • Obesity.
  • Problems in heart and high blood pressure.
  • Hormonal imbalances.
  • Infections in the testicles.
  • Due to the treatment of prostate cancer.
  • Some medications are taken for depression, blood pressure.

Natural treatment options for low T in male

There are many treatments available to increase Testosterone. Here are some of the best natural and effective treatments that will boost T-level in men.

Balanced diet: Having a balanced diet that is rich in minerals and vitamins can help to increase testosteTestosterone men indeed lose testosteTestosteroneey age, but they can boost men's testosterone level to some extent by taking some healthy foods like oysters, fatty fish, eggs, beans, green leafy vegetables. These foods can naturally help boost T-level in men without any issues.

Exercise: Normally, exercise can keep you healthy and energetic. So, spend some time exercising regularly because exercise will keep your blood pressure regular and support testosterone stimulation.

Get good sleep: Lack of sleep can also affect testosterone levels and make you less interested in sex. So, take a quality sleep and gather your sexual stamina naturally.

Take testosterone boosters: Several testosterone boosters are available in the market with a high risk of side effects. Some testosterone booster supplements are made with natural ingredients and help increase T-level in men and activate erection quality.

Avoid drinking and smoking: Low testosteTestosteroneo occur due to smoking and alcohol and slowly affect male sexual function. So, reduce your amount of alcohol daily and quit smoking.

If you follow some of these treatment options, you can experience a new sex life.


Some lifestyle changes and diets amazingly affect sex life and improve testosterone production. Balanced food is essential to maintaining testosterone production.

Even if you are experiencing low testosterone levels or noticing some of the above symptoms of low Testosterone, it is recommended to take quick action to improve your Testosterone. If you are experiencing an extreme decrease in Testosterone, your healthcare specialists will guide you.


What happens when a man's Testosterone
When men experience low T, they will notice a decrease in sex drive, frequent ejaculation, fatigue, face difficulty in memory, and notice a decrease in bone and muscle mass.
What is the leading cause of low Testosterone
The causes of low Testosterone are:

  • Infections in the testicles.
  • Liver damage.
  • Due to chemotherapy.
  • Medications for the treatment of prostate cancer.
  • Alcohol addiction.
How to improve testosterone level?
There are several ways to boost Testosterone are some of the best ways that will help:

  • Exercise regularly.
  • Eat protein-rich foods.
  • Reduce some stress.
  • Take testosterone boosters that have vitamin D.
  • Get peaceful sleep.
How long does it take for testosterone boosters to work?
It will hardly take 15 days to work, and within 30 days, men can notice a good improvement in their testosterone levels.
Does low testosterone cause erectile dysfunction?
Yes, Testosterone is the essential hormone that plays a crucial role in improving erectile function in men.
How do I know if I have low Testosterone?
If you have low Testosterone, your weight will increase, you will feel less interested in sex, and you can also experience the problem of premature ejaculation.
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