Delay Spray For Men - Possible way to prevent premature ejaculation

Delay sprays are highly suggested for men who are suffering from premature ejaculation due to the reason that they cum faster than normal and it leads to sexual disappointment, Delay sprays are only temporary and easy solution. It helps the person to enjoy outstanding sex and orgasms. All women nearly take about 15 - 17 minutes before having orgasm but men with premature ejaculations cum within 4.5 to 5 minutes which is comparatively very low. So to fill these gap of 10 minutes this spray is used and it can increase your sex drive up to 3 times, it also promotes stamina and reduce the sensitivity in the penis. Delay sprays actually work as they reduce numbness in the human penis and increase the time of erection, Cumming and stamina which ultimately helps the persons to release their sexual tension and feel pleasures than without using the spray.

Lets know what is premature ejaculation and what causes premature ejaculation:-

Premature ejaculation is caused due to three major reasons found by the medical researches which are given below:-
  1. Psychologically stress can cause premature ejaculation in men.
  2. Reduction in blood circulation to the penis back and forth due to lack of exercise and junk food.
  3. Excessive masturbation leads to increased penis sensitivity.

Is Delay Spray an alternative for surgeries:-

  1. It is sprayed on your penis head few minutes before you have intercourse, if you are not having sex frequently then you don't have to use the delay spray every day.
  2. Delay sprays are available in the market and they do not require a prescription from a doctor to purchase the same as most delay spray has only natural ingredients you wont be having any problem while you are having extraordinary sex.
  3. Using Delay spray is better than having a penis enlargement surgery, which is costly and there is a chance of infection
  4. Stronger delay sprays can help you get perfect erection in the penis due to reduction of sensitivity and you can have intense sex for even hours and your stamina will be like a horse.
  5. The numbness and increase in erection to an extent of a few centimeters will help you to penetrate your partner's vagina more deeper and faster and thus help you both have a higher sex drive and multiple orgasms.
  6. Delay spray will only help you to have sex whenever you want, and it also increases your sexual pleasure for a women mentally by making your partner moan in sex joy.
There are several products available in the market for delaying premature ejaculation, let's look into some of the best products that are available in the market both online and offline.

Procomil Spray - Best Delay Spray

Procomil Spray if used one or two times before sex gives you immense male orgasms. It is one of the best natural supplements available in the market.

Viga 50000 - Long lasting and effective supplement

No, they will not leave any negative effects because they contain only natural ingredients that are medically tested and suggested by urologists as a great penis enhancer.

To avoid any side effects before choosing any sprays for male enhancement just look over the composition and always go for the one which will suit your sexual requirements. Otherwise, Viga Spray don't have any major side effects on male sexual health.

Maxman delay spray - Maximize your performance

Maxman Delay Spray is one of the newest supplements that is available in the market and as the name suggests Maxman is Max = Maximizing a Man= Men's sex during their high end sex drive to give multiple orgasms and ultimate pleasure.

Deadly shark 48000 and 28000 - Vitamin E to delay ejaculation

Deadly Shark Power 48000 and Deadly shark 28000 are two delay sprays that contain vitamin-E in it sprays twice to the head of the penis 30 minutes prior to intercourse and after 20 minutes spray once more and leave for another 10 minute for maximizing the effect.

Does delay spray helps to have a healthier sex life:-

Sex is one of the purest forms of love between partners and due to this premature ejaculation problem most men are unable to satisfy their wife during intercourse, because women take more time to climax than men and the couple end up in sexual dissatisfaction. When men use the delay spray they can increase their sex timing to 3 times or 10 times than normal and helps the male partner to provide the satisfaction needed for the female partner to get better orgasms. Normally for a person it can increase his sex drive up to a minimum of 30 minutes to a maximum of few hours using strong delay spray and 30 minutes using normal delay spray.

Does delay spray connects you and your partner together:-

Delay spray should be sprayed on your penis to make it feel numb or insensitive to prevent unsatisfactory sex. You can spray it yourself or can ask your partner to spray it over her hand and making her massage the penis for better feeling and the person should wash her hand to reduce numbness in her hand as soon as she finishes applying the spray and it is recommended to wash the penis after foreplay to prevent irritation in the vagina during penetration. To get better results spray should be applied 5 minutes prior to sex.

Delay spray is for everyone irrespective of their age:-

We all know that a person using delay spray has some good reasons for using the delay spray because he uses it to attain the higher sexual pleasure which he himself and his partner lacked because of his premature ejaculation problem. The main positive thing is that they are easy to get anywhere throughout the globe and they work very quickly and you don't have to work hard for better long lasting erections. Consult your physician and find which spray suits you the best because it's worth trying.

Just make sure that you follow all the steps carefully and don't skip any part and I am damn sure you will want to go a few more rounds so stock yourself with the spray.


Do delay sprays really work?
Yes, delay spray actually work by reducing the sensation in the penis and thus promote sex.
What is the best delay spray?
Procomil spray is one of the best delay sprays that is available in the market for premature ejaculation.
When should I use delay spray?
One should use the spray five minutes before he starts to have sex with his partner for better result.
How does duration spray work?
It depends on the spray, some spray last for about half an hour and some last even for an hour.
Does male delay spray work?
Male delay spray works far better than what you can imagine using it can help you find out.
Does Delay Spray have side effects?
There are no possible side effects but check whether you are allergic to the ingredients.
How much time does delay spray last?
It would last for a minimum of 30 minutes if you spray it on your penis head.
How can I last longer in bed spray?
You can last longer than you think, it depends on how many times you sprayed it on the penis.
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